Boating Adventure in Bagac Bataan

My vacation in Bagac will not be completed without me visiting the Island of Matikis. From our beach resort (Morning Breeze Beach Resort), we rode a boat to reach the ever stunning island, that for me is like a “paraiso.”

Here are snapshots of our summer fun in the province.

With my hubby enjoying the island

With my hubby enjoying the island

The lagoon

The lagoon

My nephew Axle Andoy and my husband Sherwin Arbilo

My nephew and husband making sand castle

My brother, nephew, and hubby at the Jellyfish Cave

My brother, nephew, and hubby at the Jellyfish Cave

Scaredy cats teehee...

Scaredy cats teehee…

Pictures taken February 2013 using my iPhone 4S.



Beat the Summer Heat!

Looking for a place to relax on your summer vacation without spending too much? Morning Breeze Beach Resort in Bagac, Bataan has the facilities, amenities, and services to fill your needs! Come and experience the cool sea water, the breezy wind, and the gentle roar of the waves creating a sense of peace and calm. It is your reward after your two hour drive from Manila. What’s more, with a breathtaking view, you have as one author puts it, “a perfect day!”

For inquiries, such as rates and reservations, kindly visit the website at:
Morning Breeze Beach Resort Bagac, Bataan

Check out my summer escapade last year with my cousins! The sea level was low during our visit that’s why we have to walk towards the boat.

Boating Adventure!

Bagac Shore (Karagman Island)

We did rock climbing at the Island of Karagman:

Rock climbing!


Finishing Touches

I just finished uploading accommodation pictures on my website as well as the descriptions. Actually, I was not able to upload all of the rooms for rent but i’ll try to do something about it.

Page Input

Because I am making a website for our beach resort, I also included a page that describes our hometown. I first made a research about Bagac’s natural resources as well as its historical significance, and then incorporated the informations on my site.


Site Content & Background

I just finished typing the contents of the homepage for my website. I also added the blue background image for additional pop of color. I’m almost finished on the design. I’ll just add the contents of the pages next time.

Homepage layout:

CSS padding

I decided to add a border for the content of the site to make it more organized. I adjusted the padding so that it will fit and be equal to the navigation borders. I will design a background for the content later on.

CSS code

Multimedia Slideshow

Using my photo-editor, I first made a collage of the pictures I will include in my slideshow. I also added some elements like a description about the business and some features. I will add additional background images tomorrow for the content and the bottom part of the site.

Photo collage:


CSS border

I changed some properties in the navigation links such as the font-family and color, as well as added a border on the top. I chose a dashed border for the navigation and a colored background. I also familiarized myself with the multimedia button of weebly. I am planning on adding a slideshow tomorrow.

CSS backgrounds and fonts

I reviewed the css properties for background and then applied it to my website. I chose a white background for the body and then uploaded an image that I edited for the header background.

The header image (biz_name.jpg)

The CSS code

Weebly Sign Up

I’ve been busy the whole week that’s why I just did my weebly sign up today. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying weebly! It is so user-friendly! I decided to make a website for our beach resort in Bagac, Bataan. I’m now looking for a theme and then I’ll be editing my css next.  I’m so excited! I can’t stop! 😉

Link to my weebly website: Morning Breeze Beach Resort